Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hyundai Enlists Special Effects Artists to Create Incredible Drivers

After a day of helping people find the perfect vehicle at Keyes Cars, we like to put our feet up and watch a little TV. “Face Off” on the Syfy channel is always a good time. The show features special effects makeup artists battling to put together the coolest looks each week for a chance to win a host of great prices, including a brand new Hyundai Veloster. Each week, the artists are given a specific mandate, and earlier this month, that mandate came from the Hyundai brand.

After six rough-and-tumble roadsters cascaded over a hill to face the contestants, the show’s host emerged from a Hyundai Veloster to tell them their task: Using Hyundai’s slogan—“We make things better”—as inspiration, the artists would need to outfit the drivers with looks worthy of their post-apocalyptic vehicles. With that, the drivers were off and running, working spare car parts into their designs to give the drivers looks that would fit nicely in a “Mad Max” movie.

While the Hyundai Veloster may not be the perfect choice for an end-of-the-world battle royale, it’s got you covered for just about everything else. You can head in to our dealership near Beverly Hills, CA to take the 2016 Hyundai Veloster for a spin yourself.  The Hyundai Veloster’s 1.6L gasoline direct injection (GDI) engine is powerful and efficient. The Hyundai Veloster Turbo, R-SPEC, and Rally Edition use the same advanced GDI technology, combined with twin-turbo scroll and best-in-class power to weight ratio, for a satisfying ride with a little extra “oomph.”

Then there’s the modified, sport-tuned front suspension, featuring gas-filled hydraulic monotube shock absorbers. Add in Motor-Driven Power Steering (MDPS), and you’ve got a sporty, responsive vehicle to hit the streets in.

To unleash your inner driver and “make the morning commute better,” be sure to head in to Keyes Cars today and check out all of our new Hyundai vehicles

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