Thursday, March 9, 2017

Enjoy Peace of Mind in the 2017 Honda Odyssey

If you’re on the hunt for a new minivan to keep your family safe and sound, head in to Keyes Cars today here in Van Nuys, CA. We’ve got a great selection of new vehicles for you to check out, like the 2017 Honda Odyssey. Packed with great features to help you avoid collisions, the Honda Odyssey provides added confidence when you hit the road.

Some of the biggest dangers when you’re driving come from the things you can’t see. That’s why the engineers at Honda have worked hard to give you as complete a picture of your surroundings as possible. The Honda Odyssey features one of the most helpful features we’ve seen: Honda LaneWatch™. With Honda LaneWatch, when you flip on your right turn signal, a small camera displays live video feed on your Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) screen to reveal nearly four times more than the passenger-side mirror alone. The Blind Spot Information System is another great tool to have, giving you a heads up when it detects a vehicle in your blind spot. And your last set of extra eyes comes in the form of the Rearview Camera with Guidelines, giving you a clear look at what’s behind you from three angles: normal, top-down, and wide.

In the 2017 Honda Odyssey, tell your co-pilot they can take a nap. With advanced features to monitor possible collisions and lane departure, you’ve got all the help you need. Forward Collision Warning (FCW) lets you know immediately if you’re in danger of colliding with the car ahead of you. Lane Departure Warning (LDW) uses a small camera to track lane markings, alerting you when it detects an un-indicated lane departure.

In the Honda Odyssey, you’re in good hands. 

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